Instructors of Hang Gliding in the United States 

Federal Aviation Administration
United States Hang Gliding Instructors
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  • Mission of USHGIA:  to connect dreamers with instructors, mentors, coaches within FAR 103; and to feed data to USHGRS for ratings certification.

  • Mentors       Are you open to volunteer mentoring?  Tell us where?

  • Coaches       Online only?  Direct?

  • Registry   [ ]  First: ==>  Tell  us  about  your service to others.

  • Free Ground School Online 

Coaches, Mentors, Instructors: Send reports, images, links to videos, and ratings of HG Pilots being mentored, coached, or instructed  by you for case data toward the USHGRS rating process to:

National Park Service Links:
  • USHGRS  
  • Posted in a forum about gathering mentors, coaches, instructors of both strips: volunteer or commercial for each category   HERE
  • NOTAMS  learning
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